Pet Vaccinations in Phoenix

Like humans, dogs and cats should be vaccinated to guard against dangerous diseases. For most pets, vaccinations will be a regular part of veterinary check-ups throughout their entire lives, with the most significant rounds of immunizations being administered in the first few years. Vaccinations are important not only to protect pets' health, but also because they are required for admission to many dog parks, kennels, and other public areas. If your pet is behind on vaccinations, our veterinarian at Camelback Animal Clinic in Phoenix can help.

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Core Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Certain "core" vaccinations are recommended for all pets, even those that spend little or no time outdoors, while others are typically only given to pets that may be exposed to unvaccinated feral animals. The core vaccinations for dogs are against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and rabies. For cats, the core vaccinations prevent distemper, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, and rabies. Depending on your pet's lifestyle and the animals it interacts with, your veterinarian may recommend further vaccinations. Additional vaccinations available for dogs can guard against Bordetella, Borrelia, and Leptospira, while cats may be immunized for leukemia, FIV, and Chlamydophila.

When to Vaccinate Your Pet

Puppies and kittens usually begin a series of vaccinations at around six to eight weeks of age. These early rounds of vaccinations will be delivered over several appointments spaced at three- to four-week intervals, and should last until about the pet's sixteenth week of life. After these initial vaccinations, dogs will often receive certain vaccinations annually, and cats will usually need a booster either annually or once every three years.

Certain pets will have adverse reactions to vaccinations, such as irritation at the injection site or even allergic reactions. While these are uncommon and typically mild, it's important to discuss any previous complications with your veterinarian.

Vaccines Our Veterinarian Offers

Camelback Animal Clinic offers a special on check-ups and vaccinations for both dogs and cats, including a full physical exam and all core vaccinations. For dogs,  we provide distemper, parvovirus, Bordetella, rabies, and Leptospirosis vaccinations, and for cats, we provide vaccinations for distemper, leukemia, and rabies. Other vaccinations are available as needed.

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