About Your Phoenix Veterinary Clinic

For over 10 years, veterinarian Dr. Enrique Cruz has been caring for the pets of the Phoenix, AZ area at Camelback Animal Clinic. Our state-of-the-art facility enables us to provide quality care and diagnostic techniques to your furry loved ones. While providing standard check-ups for your cats and dogs, we also provide vaccinations, urgent and emergency care, spaying and neutering, pet nutrition, senior pet care, wellness visits, and even dental care!  We even offer walk-in appointments, an online pharmacy and the ability to schedule appointments for your pets on our website.

About Your Phoenix Veterinary Clinic

The Veterinary Team

Dr. Cruz was born in San Luis, Mexico and graduated from veterinary school in Mexico in 1991. He immediately began working as a veterinary technician in Yuma, AZ, ultimately receiving his veterinary accreditation to practice from Oklahoma State University and his doctorate at the University of Oklahoma Veterinary School in 2003. And he didn’t waste any time, working in various veterinary positions across the Phoenix area. By early 2008, Dr. Cruz had become the veterinarian and owner of Camelback Animal Clinic. His main areas of focus are pets with skin problems or allergies and internal medicine. When he isn’t caring for the pets of the Phoenix area, he loves spending time with his own cat and dogs. Two veterinary technicians help Dr. Cruz and the clinic’s fuzzy clients. Mary is the senior veterinary technician and the practice manager. She has been with us since 2009 and attends numerous conferences to keep the office as up-to-date as possible with diagnostic equipment and veterinary techniques. In addition to helping assist with patients, Mary specializes in proper pet nutrition and senior pet wellness. Veterinary Technician Miguel, who has been with us since 2010, specializes in veterinary dentistry and internal medicine. He is also a certified massage therapist for humans and animals, which assists pet owners with senior pet care, and even overall wellness for larger or more active dogs, and even overweight cats. Finally, Ana, who has been with us since 2016, is our Client Service Representative. When you call our office, she will most likely be the person assisting you with appointments, answering questions and handling all of your needs. She is also the one making our office festive for all of our seasons and holidays.

What Sets Us Apart

Very few veterinary clinics offer dental cleanings, nutritional education, an online pharmacy, walk-in appointment, wellness appointments, surgeries, and emergency care all in the same facility with the same staff. Bringing your loved ones to Camelback Animal Clinic not only means all of your pets needs are met, but they are continually met by the same team members, building a rapport between the clinic staff, pet, and owner.  Additionally, not only do we offer these services, but we have a veterinarian and veterinary technicians who specialize in internal medicine, pet allergies, skin care, nutrition, dentistry, and even massage therapy.  So if you live in the Phoenix area, make sure to bring your four-legged loved one to see us!  Make an appointment by calling 602 595-4020, stopping by the office or visiting our website today!

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